Text Box: G.A.P.	I
Assessment and Evaluation
A  4 week educational program constructed to explore the consequences and dynamics of addictive behavior. The program is designed to evaluate and assess the need for therapeutic intervention.

˜ To understand the meaning of addictive behavior.
˜ To become aware of the “red flags” of addiction.
˜ To evaluate the consequences of addiction using a bio-psycho-social model.
˜To explore different treatment alternatives.

Group Session
Wednesdays   6:00pm  -  7:00pm


Primary Intervention Program


A 12 week therapeutic program with the primary objective focusing on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, in order to provide the necessary coping skills to facilitate sustained abstinence.



˜ To provide motivation to remain abstinent.

˜ To develop an outside support system.


˜ To develop an awareness of  family, social, and work situations that enable addictive behavior.

˜ To develop an awareness of emotions, thoughts and behaviors that may trigger addictive use.

˜ To increase comfort and ability to  express feelings.

˜To develop and implement new  coping skills to substitute for addictive behaviors.


˜ To develop and implement new  coping skills to substitute for addictive behaviors.


Relapse Prevention Program

A 12 week therapeutic program designed for individuals who have completed GAP II other treatment programs but continue to relapse.  This program focuses on the specific needs of the individual client.




˜ To evaluate recovery program.

˜ To identify high risk situations  specific to the individual.

˜ To identify hidden warning signs of relapse.

˜ To implement an individualized recovery plan.

˜ To teach specific coping skills

     needed to implement recovery.


˜ To explore family of origin issues.


˜ To replace irrational beliefs with a

     healthy belief system.