Text Box: The Parenting Program
The Teaching GRACE© Program is a 36 week comprehensive and intensive  program designed to meet the changing needs of todayís families.  The focus of the program is to help families understand and communicate more effectively.

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Teaching GRACE


Teaching GRACE I

Is a twelve week program intendedto instruct parents on the various types of effective, non emotional parenting techniques, used to aid specific types of behavior disorders.


Teaching GRACE II

Is a twelve week program intended to expand on techniques learned in Teaching GRACE I, as well as learning to communicate more effectively with children and adolescents.


Teaching GRACE III

Is a twelve week support group intended for parents to discuss weekly topics as well as current parenting difficulties.Parents are able to encourage each other and learn stress management to help them cope more effectively.

Text Box: Topics addressed during the 36 week program include, but are not limited to:

Understanding Abuse
Home Safety
Natural and Logical Consequences
Positive Reinforcement
Problem Solving Techniques
Setting Realistic Expectations
Non Emotional Parenting
Discipline Techniques
Communication Strategies
Enhancing Childrenís Self Esteem
Anger and Stress Management
Parenting Styles
Behavior Disorders